ADOX HR-50 135/36 with SPEED BOOST

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ADOX HR-50 stands for "High Resolution".
ADOX HR-50 is based on an established emulsion commonly available for technical purposes, featuring ultrafine grain, excellent sharpness, very high resolution and a superpanchromatic sensitization.
The film´s speed is enhanced to ISO 50/18° using ADOX´s new unique SPEED BOOST- technology.
The gamma is also reduced, so it becomes perfectly usable for pictorial photography in regular developers.
In addition ADOX is also offering a dedicated and optimised developer for the HR-50 film: ADOX HR-DEV developer.

ADOX HR-50 is especially suitable for landscape, architecture / cityscape and travel photography.
Besides its excellent resolution and sharpness ADOX HR-50 offers an extremely fine grain. Among all current B/W negative films on the market only ADOX CMS 20 II has an even significantly finer grain than HR-50.

In portrait photography we recommend our dedicated ADOX HR-DEV developer or ADOX FX-39 II.

ADOX HR-50 can be used as an infrared film and responds extremely well to any sort of filtration (yellow, orange, red, blue, green).
The new ADOX *SNAP-ON*- Gelatin Filters are a perfect match.
To make the start in infrared photography easier, ADOX has designed a slight infrared filter for the ADOX SNAP-ON filter system. With this IR filter only one stop more light is needed. So handheld shots with EI 25/15° are possible.
The ADOX SNAP-ON Filters are available from 7.99 EUR on.

For infrared shots with maximum "Wood effect" (green leaves become white) we recommend a strong IR filter which blocks the visible light below 715 nanometer. The pictures get a dramatic and unique look.

ADOX HR-50 135/36 with SPEED BOOST

Filmtype:     Black&White
Film Format:     35 mm
Speed:     ISO 50/18°
Length:     36 Exposures

Emulsion: Superpanchromatic
Resolution: Up to 280 lp/mm at an image contrast of 1000:1
ISO: 50/18°
Base: 0,1mm PET
Anti Halation: Combined AHU/NC

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