About us

Dispara Xestión Cultural  is a company located in Galicia whose purpose is to develop cultural projects around photography.

On this website (the store) will market a selection of books that we like and want to share with you, you can order them through this website or stop by the bookstore gallery where you will see them physically, distribute copyright work of photographers who want join our project, we will further merchandising products related to photography.

The other web project aims to be a free, independent and critical. In this website we want to gather documentary photographic works and artistic events within the peninsula Realize Ibérica.Un place where we can expose images of the world around us, spaces where life unfolds, telling stories through the eyes of the photographers who best understood, and we provide documentary discourse coherent and critical, without eyes kidnapped little concerned and reflective. This is intended as a platform to show images hardly visible elsewhere, either by authors who publish here are little known or topics that do not concern other means, we hope to find the strength and freshness that starts with to reflect more experienced photographers.

Open space this will be a meeting point for experienced professional photographers and new values imaging, is open to everyone, we know the difficulties faced by photographers to find platforms that exhibit their works. Fire is, at present, a virtual space but soon we hope to have a physical space. Our idea is to bring together the best photograph on themes developed in Spain and Portugal in this website, and subsequently display, edit, and publish in the graphic works. In these times of confusion and uncertainty, we also want the website to become a space for debate and reflection on the form and use of the images, which enriches the current landscape of culture and therefore of photography.

Posting on this site may not be paid time. In the future look for sponsorships for specific projects collective or individual. Our plans include the digital edition of a journal paper, a publisher specializing, and also a traveling exhibition and sale of copies of the authors participating in Shoot. For now we will settle for enjoy and learn with the best pictures and clippings, we mostralas the world as we do not hesitate in getting the best quality work, it will be possible to implement the project, up to you to make it happen.