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PATERSON Film Developing Tank 2x35mm + 2 Reels

Paterson System 5 drip-free film developing tank

Very good film developing tank from Paterson in England.

Patented large rubber lid that really seals itself to the tank. Tanks, that barely drip. Very good value for the money.

2 x 35mm or 1 x 120 film. Includes two film reels.

The film reels are made with quality construction and reel the film in (like the AP reels) automatically with little beads.

The tank sits well in the hand for inversion during developing, and you can grip it easily while removing or replacing the lid.

The reels from Paterson and the economical AP-Tanks are interchangeable. So if you already have the AP reels and just want to upgrade the tank, you can do that too.

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