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ADOX Adonal 500 / 100 ml Concentrate


Agfa Rodinal has now been replaced by Adox Rodinal. The formulation and development times are exactly the same - only the packaging has changed!

Adonal is produced according to Agfa Leverkusen's latest Rodinal * 2004 formula.

ADOX works closely with former Agfa scientists on all Agfa products to replace them.


If you have used Rodinal * before you can achieve identical results with Adonal.

Compared to the R09 / APH09 Rodinal it works more fine-grained while still improving sharpness and sharpness.

50 ml conc. (Baby Adonal)

500 ml conc.

Dilution: 1 + 25 to 1 + 100

Adonal is a single-use developer and cannot be reused

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