UN UNIVERSO PEQUEÑO . Antonio M Xoubanova


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"A Small Universe is my imagining of the universe in 2.5 seconds and 10 linear metres of street."

"The project is a 2.5-second-long feature film comprised of images and sequences which reference the beginning of things – technology, religion, the universe, the street, love, matter and its different forms, the basics of the human condition, contemporaneity, advertising and the end of existence."

"The images in the book represent a space according to their size; they are containers of time. An image captured at 1/40 second shutter speed is physically 10 times larger than another shot at 1/400 second. The size of each image is determined by the amount of time it contains. The book is therefore an attempt to materialize something as minimal, abstract and complex as 2.5 seconds of existence – a fragment of matter, or a small space."

"If the universe is defined as the total sum of all matter, time and space, this book of “street photography” is the attempt to address a controlled universe and the elements it contains, which in the end reveal themselves to be complex and uncontrollable."

(Antonio M Xoubanova, 2015)

UN UNIVERSO PEQUEÑO . Antonio M Xoubanova

Copublicado con Rondade

464 páginas

250 imágenes en color

22,0 cm x 29,7 cm

Impresión offset

Edición de 800 ejemplares

Publicado en julio de 2015

ISBN 978-84-941484-4-6

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