Color Lehmitz . Anders Petersen


Cabeza de Chorlito

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We give light to the images that Anders highlighted and marked on the period contact sheets, with signs, signals and colors. They have lost that primary intention of standing out and status, their Morse language, their meaning, but they have won the gesture. The print. The arrogance of naivety. His power. Graphic and plastic.

Café Lehmitz, Anders Petersen's debut feature, has magic. He's been catching us since we walked through the door. It hypnotizes us. The atmosphere is sovereign. Anders takes over the air. It immerses us in life. Anthropologist's look and heartbeat, naturalist. He doesn't judge. Neither does he put pretentiousness nor artifice in his gaze. The night and its journey. Like Céline's, with the difference that in Anders' eyes there is no room for such pessimism. It's more forgiving. He's not a cynic. She loves them, she's an accomplice. Toast and dance with them. He's dragging us to follow them. We ended up meeting them. Their photography encourages them to be. He loves those who never show themselves. The invisible ones. We see Escar, a shirtless sword swallow in the trance of getting into trouble. In the background, a jukebox and music machine. Vices of love. We're getting voices. Ramona gives, seduces; Gretel asks... Tenderness pushes. Understanding. The equals share night and temple. They are penitents. Those of scourge and joy. Loneliness and failure. Sublimidad…

Café Lehmitz is a generous work of shared humanity. An unforgettable job. Tears even. I'm a witness.

Alberto García-Alix

Color Lehmitz . Anders Petersen

Author: Anders Petersen

Year: 2017

Type: Catalogue

Binding: Hardback paperback with black edges

Size: 26 x 20 cm

Pages: 160

Language: Spanish-English

ISBN: 978-84-939682-7-4-4

Publisher: Cabeza de Chorlito

Lehmitz Color

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