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“A barreira invisible” (The invisible barrier) is a work by Tono Arias, a part of the project “Adriano, Sesión Continua,” launched by the association Fotoforum Lumen in 2014 focussing in the Adriano abandoned theatre located in Fene, Barallobre’s parish, Galicia, and which involves another 20 artists.


Silence explains everything. For some reason the wind blows even when it cannot be heard in these Tono Arias’s images. The wind is not heard when it touches slightly the material body of faceless figures. It is not heard when absent mouths exhale a breath full of dismal voices. Plastic words.

We rant, yell, hurl... internal monologues about erased pages.

Ideologies devoured today by the new witchcraft of the shop windows, genuine daily altars. Moving us between what we are and what we buy in order to be.

We blend us with the textures and the porosities of the chipped walls, we half-hide us behind the window aperture, behind a wall or behind a secret, suggesting to the observer a dialogue of gazes or maybe just silences. Architectures of the oblivion.

Imaginary kingdom is for sale, Adriano, dark city that we try to dwell. Inside you we silent walk around the limits of emptiness. Oh! Who will make you exist?

Rocío Brage

a barreira invisible . Tono Arias

Text: Rocío Brage

Limited edition of 150 signed and numbered copies

Special edition 25 copies to print 30x40cm

15x18,5 cm

48 pages

22 colour plates



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