Ben Burbridge . Revelations



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Published together with a large exhibition, Revelations explores a radical expansion of the visual field brought about by principles of scientific photography, and forms in the applications of this informed and inspired photography within modern and contemporary art.

Scientific imagery such as X-rays, microphotography and high-speed experimental photography, exceeded the limits of human vision. In doing so, he revealed important formal possibilities for artists, and spoke to them in clear and eloquent terms about the change of man's relationship with science and technology. From the National Collections exhibited in Bradford and London, and other international collections, a selection of photographs, differentials of books and other documents demonstrate the new modes of representation established by the initial scientific photography and its profound impact on the histories of art photographic.

Ben Burbridge. Revelations

Published in association with Media Space, London
Texts by Ben Burbridge, Kelley Wylder, Gottfried Jager, Ian Jeffrey and Greg Hobson

216 pages
152 color photos
17 cm x 22.3 cm
Hardcover printed in relief
Date of publication: March 2015
ISBN 9781907946455

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