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Photos & books. Spain 1905-1977 is a study of photobooks published in Spain during the 20th century. 


It contains case studies of thirty widely illustrated publications, as well as a foreword with a further 100 photolibraries. Overall, a new and surprising chapter in the new history of photography discovered in recent years through photo books.


Among the themes of the publications present at F&L is propaganda, especially with the books produced during the civil war, which is presented from both sides. There are also some books produced at the end of the Franco dictatorship, in the 70s.


Another main theme consists of literary works accompanied by photographic series, of which there are examples at the beginning of the century. The main work of this type is the editorial collection Palabra e Imagen, published in the 1960s.


There are also photo books in which the social transformations of the country are presented in the form of photographic stories, with themes such as types and rites, the role of women, the relations between the rural and the urban, etc. 


The author of F&L, Horacio Fernández, has previously published other books on the subject, such as Fotografía pública (1999) and El fotolibro latinoamericano (2011).

Photos & books. Spain 1905-1977

Horacio Fernandez

Horacio Fernandez

RM + AC/E + Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

Hard paste

264 pages

413 images

22 x 28 cm

Design: Jaime Narváez

Spanish edition

ISBN: 978-84-15118-80-0

English edition

ISBN: 978-84-1518-81-7

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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