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It is easy to fight for the rights of people who cry out in protest. It is much more difficult to notice those who do not manifest themselves openly. Project Stigma tells the story of the 60th family - members of Romanian gypsies, who live in a camp on the outskirts of the Polish city of Wroclaw. But this is not just another chapter in a colourful gypsy legend, which is often misclassified as a gypsy community. Limiting photo shoots to the location of Dog Field - the Wroc?aw district occupied by Roma slums - deprived the recipient of the opportunity to observe the Roma population during what is commonly considered their daily lives - begging and theft. Surrounded by family, separated from the rest of society, they turn out to be completely different people, unsuitable for conventional ideas. There are no typical camps with bonfires, songs and spells - instead, there are good people with stories of inner life and drama, affected by many of those who gathered along the way. They struggle not only with the difficult daily life, but also with the city authorities and neighbors. They have a reputation for being beggars, thieves and swindlers among the locals, which leads to frequent acts of aggression against them. All actions by the municipal authorities, in order to solve the Roma problem, are leading to attempts at intimidation and eviction. 

This story of the gypsies is above all a story about the family, relationships and emotions of the people who, in spite of everything, seem happy and at peace. It is also an attempt to analyse the condition of the modern family, on the border between tradition and modernity. This group of nomads, depending on the constant search for a better world, unconsciously yields to the influence of mass culture, which struggles with the same concerns as any modern man.

Adam Lach. STIGMA


108 pages 

49 pictures 


hard cover 

print run: 600 copies (250PL, 350 ES) 

ISBN AT: 978-83-939574-0-8 

ISBN PL: 978-83-939574-2-2-2 

photographs: Adam Lach 

interviews: Katarzyna Dybowska 

Publisher: Adam Lach 


- 2014 Best Polish Exhibition at Fotofestiwal, Lodz / Poland-2014 Photo of the Year, Award for Excellence in the number of reports Image Story - 2014 Grand Prize Fotofestiwal - Finalist, Lodz / Poland... Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards Shortlist

Wroclaw 10.03.2013 Poland Rome, Karolina. Karolina ran away from her parents' house (from different parts of Poland) because of a great love for Alex, to one of the slums where they live.

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