PARAíSO . Dani Cardona

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"Before we were happy, we travelled once a year, through Spanish territory, nothing of the other world. Paella on Sundays, car per person and the certainty that we could cope with certain unforeseen events. But the crisis and economic policy have been too much. We are the burden of our parents, slaves in our sector and incompetent for the rest. We feel rejected in this country, we have done exactly what they wanted us to do and they have decided that our efforts and our commitment are worthless.

Paradise is the story of those who bought a ticket to the Promised Land and saw it fade away. Of those who stopped fighting for their dreams and of those who fled in search of hope.

PARAISO Dani Cardona

Edition of 500

Offset print on Munken Polar 130gr

165 x 230 mm

88 pages

44 colour plates

ISBN 978 84 617 0615 0

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