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A courtyard of neighbors with rooms where prostitutes go with their clients, while the photographer, hidden, observes from the window in front of him what must remain invisible. Issues such as prostitution or porn become pernicious when a system or society at the service of that system so identifies it, and they do not exist without a legal context that defines the limits of what is publicly visible. Sex becomes a mode of control.

Today's cameras are struggling to make digital noise disappear and this is where it is exploited to its fullest. The exaggerated increase of sensitivity in order to make the subject clearer, only muddies and alters the message. The overwhelming noise is our own unconscious, is the mental space in which sex acts as a catalyst of our instincts, our desires and contradictions.


Fosi Vegue

ISBN 978-84-617-0316-6 

Dalpine, 2014

Editing: Fosi Vegue + Eloi Gimeno

Design: Eloi Gimeno

Preprint: Víctor Garrido

108 pages

24 x 16 cm

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