aires de familia . X.Lois Gutiérrez Failde



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We´re there //(ENGLISH VERSION)

[Pictures] All pictures. All those pictures that awaken the astonishment of the presence. Economy of signals regulating everything want to show who photographed, all that you want, be able to hold with you look. In this “private nature of the experience “(V. Burgin). In its magnetic power expansion out of sight. We are with photography. We thus could not intuit photographer. An event that fits the emphasis dislocated from our memory and overflows the gaze forecasts. Some images that allude to the blurred trace that space occupy the beloved bodies, the abstract stage and resounding that only with our eyes take that family likeness; such strange proximity that calls our attention to a truth we get out of hand.

aires de famila      X. Lois Gutiérrez Faílde

Limited edition of 200 signed and numbered copies

Special edition 5 copies to print 30x40cm

13x18 cm

24 pages

14 colour plates


ISBN: 9788494224508

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