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With Paloma al Aire, Ricardo Cases turns his camera to a tradition of pigeon sports known as columbiculture and unique to Spain. It is a race for which the birds are flamboyantly painted and evocatively named. The colours painted on the birds' wings and bodies may indicate the regions their owners come from or their own personal choices; the names of the birds, too, are personal-Oro del Ring, Aplausos, Extasis, Coloso, Nucleo… They symbolize the hopes and dreams of their owners and the punters.

The present series examines the game as a symbolic act, a projection and a way of relating to the world. A group of men running through the countryside behind their male pigeons, observing their mating performances, discussing the rules and arbitrations… It refers to the ethnographic documentation of remote tribes rituals or to the group of children who invent a game while discovering the world.

The second edition presents two changes: a picture has been replaced for the following one in a sequence and the back cover features now the names of a new range of competing ‘palomos’. Only number 10 (Carmen Marín, Ricardo’s mother’s, to whom the first edition was dedicated) remains unchanged. Number 19 in the list reads Víctor Galdú Clemente, a pigeon racing referee recently deceased to whom Ricardo dedicates the present edition.

PALOMA AL AIRE . Ricardo Cases

Ricardo Cases 2014 Signed

Thirth Edition

Cardboard cover, wire bound

75 pages

21 x 15 cm

ISBN 978-84-617-0017-2

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