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The book is a journey through 68 images of the biography and work of one of the great women of photography of the last century.

With a brief career as a photographer, Tina Modotti was capable of creating an aesthetic of great forcefulness, becoming one of the main reporters of one of the most convulsive periods in the history of Mexico, the country where she lived and where she died at the age of 46.

Tina Modotti's photographic work is a reflection of her life, marked by uprooting and independence. Modotti knew how to see the beauty of the imperfect and to reflect it in her work. She developed her entire photographic oeuvre between 1923 and 1930, the years during which she lived in Mexico. Her aesthetics had an impact on the Mexican photographic scene, just as the paintings of Diego Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros influenced her. Her photographic work is a paradigm of the fusion between Mexican revolutionary culture and avant-garde photographic aesthetics, to which she added the ideals of equality proposed by socialism and her marked social commitment.

Tina Modotti (Italy, 1896 Mexico, 1942). She was born in the Italian town of Udine into a modest family. She was an immigrant to the United States, actress, photographer, revolutionary, communist militant, political refugee and member of the International Red Aid. She founded the Liga Antifascista de México and collaborated with the Soviet embassy and the Communist Party of Mexico in the editing of its newspaper El Machete. From a very young age she took on the role of a free woman in opposition to the social imaginary of the time, and in the short time of her exciting life she sought beauty through photography, and worked for social justice through political activism.

Tina Modotti

Pages 96
Images 68
Language Spanish
Format 16,21 x 22 cm
Publisher La Fábrica
ISBN 978 84 18934 29 2

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