Café Bissau . Julião Sarmento


Pierre Von Kleist

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Julião Sarmento has been taking photographs for more than forty years. From early on, his technical and lyrical control of the medium allowed him to develop a personal style.  His photographs cover a wide variety of interests: people, places, gatherings, travels, animals in or out of  zoos, cars, experiments on light...

Café Bissau is the ultimate tour de force in Sarmento's  archive. Raw, spontaneous zeitgeist infused images stand side by side with more careful constructed series in an elegant edit. Medium format, 35mm, colour, black and white, digital and analogue photographs flow harmoniously in the artist atlas.


Café Bissau is Julião Sarmento's most ambitious photobook to date, a surprising contribution to the medium.

Café Bissau .  Julião Sarmento

Photographs 1964-2017
Hardcover, 22x28cm, 128 pages, 99 images
ISBN 978-989-54245-5-9

September 2020

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