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Photographed in Los Angeles, Senior Love Triangle documents three senior citizens in a romantic conflict. Jeanie, age 81, and Adina, age 90, share William, age 84, as a partner and companion, often all spending time together. In his late 70s, Will formed a relationship with Adina. Then, Will moved into another retirement home where he fell in love with Jeanie. Since Will did not want to choose between Jeanie and Adina, they formed a trio. While pushing against sociocultural norms about senior citizens, the connection between Jeanie, Will and Adina also reveals ageless needs, anxieties and contradictions. Renowned documentary photographer Isadora Kosofsky met Jeanie, Will and Adina when she was 17, chronicling their moments of adventure, desire and loneliness with an empathetic gaze for years.

Senior Love Triangle, published widely, multi-award recipient, center of a TED Talk and basis for a feature film, is seen as a revolutionary visual work on intimacy and aging, questioning the universal nature of love and monogamy. “There are many different kinds of love,” says Adina to Kosofsky. Through photography and writing taken from Kosofsky’s notebooks, including conversations and reflections, Senior Love Triangle book is documentary storytelling that viscerally immerses us in the lives of these three people where it is impossible not to reflect on the complex nature of our own relationships.

Isadora Kosofsky Senior Love Triangle

Hardcover 22,5 x 30 cm 264 pages 165 color illustrations English Available ISBN 978-3-86828-935-0 2019

Artist: Isadora Kosofsky
Texts: Isadora Kosofsky
Design: Bonnie Briant

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