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London, once known as the Metropole, was the mother city at the heart of a vast empire which at its peak encompassed a quarter of all land on the planet. Its maternal name belied a profoundly hierarchical and unequal relationship with power radiating outwards from the urban heart, and territorial riches feeding back in return. The British Empire has long since collapsed but in its place has risen a new world power; globalised capitalism. London — rebranded an 'investment opportunity' — is now a city of continuous demolition, shifting cranes, and glittering new high rises.

Metropole is a document of the brutal uprooting of London’s foundations at the hands of corporate developers, for the benefit of wealthy investors and absentee property speculators. In the wake of aggressive high-end development, genuinely affordable housing has diminished and residents of London are pushed ever further out from the core.

Photographed over dozens of winter nights spent wandering through the escalating city, Metropole records the dizzying effects of a capital influx on London. The frameworks of luxury residential towers are documented during construction, and the use of double exposures layers building upon building. This proliferating tangle mirrors the threatening scale of alteration in the city. Perspective and orientation are lost in the process, emulating the sense of loss that many Londoners now feel.

Designed by Tom Mrazauskas

Lewis Bush is a photographer, writer, researcher, and educator. His work aims to draw attention to clandestine power structures that operate unchecked in the world. Previous books include Shadows of the State (2018), War Primer 3 (2013), and In the Memory of History (2012). In autumn 2018 Lewis completed a photographic residency at the Société Jersiaise in Jersey, focusing on international finance and the implications of Brexit. His work has been nominated and shortlisted for commendations including for the Tim Hetherington Visionary Award (2018 & 2017), Rencontres d’Arles Book Dummy Awards (2018, 2016 & 2015), Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Award (2017), Self-Publish Riga Award (2016), Photo España Book Awards (2016), and the Bar Tur Photobook Award (2015 & 2014).

METROPOLE . Lewis Bush

FIRST EDITION Trade Softcover, 20 x 28 cm portrait, 160 pages

Swiss binding with exposed orange thread; mixed papers; silver foil on cover; 12 inserts

40 b+w and 40 colour photographs

Upcoming September 2018 | ISBN: 9780994791979

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