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Known for The Solitude of Ravens, where menacing crows in clouds or solitary blacken pages from one end of this mythical book published in 1986, Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase, one of the most radical and original of her generation, actually has a protean work: formal research, superimpositions, collages, self-portraits, photographs reworked with drawings, black and white prints, polaroids...

This book brings together for the first time all his artistic work presented in 26 series, including those devoted to his father ("Memories of Father"), not to mention that on cats, including his own, Sasuke, and his famous self-portraits taken in a bathtub, with a waterproof camera ("Bukubuku") or in duets ("Berobero") that touch his tongue and which he later colours.

The texts of Simon Baker, director of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, and Tomo Kosuga, director of the Masahisa Fukase archives, shed light on the many facets of his work, where dramaturgy meets both irony and provocation. 

ISBN : 978-2-36511-177-5


Shortlisted for the Aperture – Paris Photo PhotoBook Award 2018

Private Scenes, FOAM Amsterdam

Bound, 19.5 x 26 cm

Language: English

Introduction by Simon Baker, texts by Tomo Kosuga

350 colour and B&W photographs, 416 pages

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