Un relato breve . Brandán Gómez



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Photographs that come out of the subconscious and are digitally manipulated to create a photographic account through the semi-transparent pages of a work with elements that are transgressive in content and content. Freud said that photography serves to take the images out of our heads. In this photolibro, Brandán Gómez makes an exercise of introspection and gives us unreal images chained to a dark and labyrinthine discourse that generate a journey to the depths of the desires and dreams of this Galician photographer.

Edited by Dispara, Un Relato Breve is the culmination of a seven-year work process that has been published on websites such as HAFNY, Burn Magazine, aCurator, mono vision and Lensculture, among others.

A short story... Brandán Gómez

 Edition : Dispara / 2017

Design: Miguel Angel Acosta Quiroga

Tipography: Rasmus

Print: Torculo graphic arts

Binding: Graphic Services

Digital printing with screen-printed cover

80 pages / 300 copies, signed and numbered

23x33 cm

ISBN: 978849422224522

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