All Quiet on the Front Home . Colin Pantall


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Nothing that can prepare you for the shock of becoming a parent; you kind of lose yourself.

It drives you insane. But then you gain a new identity, only for that to die too, when you realise they have their own lives to lead. Then you have to have another rebirth. I don’t think it’s always that comfortable. Sometimes you wish things were different. You wish your children away at times. You always wish them back

"I was struck by the captivating intimacy right away. Witnessing a growing up girl in her real world that could also be her fantasy world. And she lets the photographer, her father, be part of this. With capturing these passing years of his daughter he captures himself as well. Rarely a male photographer shares this openly his personal thoughts and fears in a photo book". Awoiska van der Molen

All Quiet on the Front Home . Colin Pantall

Published by ICVL Studio.  Nov 2017

Editing: Colin Pantall & Alejandro Acin

Design: Alejandro Acin

Individually embossed, numbered and signed.

Printing: Offset on 120grs Mohawk Polar

Binding: OTA Binding

Size: 200 x 250 mm

Extent: 112 pages

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-64136-958-9

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