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"A lyrical meditation on the complex dynamic between humans and the natural world at what may prove to be a critical time for both." — Sean O'Hagan, The Guardian

Nazraeli Press is delighted to present our third monograph by American photographer Lucas Foglia. Human Nature revisits themes established in Foglia’s his previous books, A Natural Order and Frontcountry, but on a broader, global scale.

Foglia grew up on a small farm bordering a wild forest, thirty miles east of New York City. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy flooded his family’s fields and blew down the oldest trees in the woods. On the news, scientists linked the storm to climate change caused by human activity. Foglia realized that if humans are changing the weather, then there is no place on earth unaltered by people.

The average American spends 93% of their life indoors. With this in mind, Foglia photographed government programs that connect people to nature, neuroscientists measuring how time in wild places benefits us, and climate scientists measuring how human activity is changing the air. Many of the scientists included in the book are now facing budget cuts and censorship by the Trump administration.

Human Nature begins in cities and moves through forests, farms, deserts, ice fields, and oceans, towards wilderness. Funny, sad, or sensual, the photographs illuminate the human need to connect to the wildness in ourselves.

Foglia’s photographs are held in major collections in Europe and in the United States, including Art Collection Deutsche Börse, Denver Art Museum, Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, International Center of Photography, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Victoria and Albert Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pier 24, Portland Art Museum, and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

LUCAS FOGLIA . Human Nature

ISBN: 978-1-59005-464-2

Hardcover, 9.5 x 12.5 inches, 92 pages, 58 four-color plates.

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