NUEVA GALICIA . Iván Nespereira



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Nueva Galicia records the traces of two movements. The rubber tree (hevea brasiliensis), 70000 seeds were transported from Brazil to England by the British explorer Henry Alexander Wickham aboard the ship Amazon Ship in 1876, which allowed the species to expand worldwide. And that of a group of Europeans who migrate to the Amazon, attracted by the economic boom that generated rubber extraction between 1850 and 1920, and which take root in different populations on the banks of the Amazon River.

The research explores the past and the conflicts that arose from these two movements, recording power plays, conspiracy and betrayals in a concrete landscape. Raw material and vegetation; Tiles and remains of populations that are now jungle; Canoes, steamships and merchant ships; The forest and its representation in a botanical garden; The Amazon River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Photographs, maps, geographical notes, technical manuals, cultivation manuals, geological reports, migrant identification documents, family files and herbarium sheets.

NUEVA GALICIA . Iván Nespereira

English / Spanish / Galego

1 photobook, 1 map and 3 notebooks

120 pages (70 photographs)

205×260 mm


Softcover  (SBR rubber)

Bind Wire-o

Edition 500 copies

ISBN 978-84-617-9884-1

Self-published, 2017

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