Antoine D'agata . New York 1989-93


André Frère

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French photographer Antoine d’Agata departed his homeland in 1983 to begin a series of travels. He has since gained notoriety with a body of work that deals with addiction, sex, personal obsessions, darkness, prostitution, and other topics widely considered taboo. D’Agata studied photography at the International Center of Photography of New York City in 1990, under the tutelage of Larry Clark and Nan Goldin. This publication offers a personal visual reflection of that time. Designed as a 48-page leporello with an insert containing 20 pages of text, including a letter written in 1991, it includes self-portraits, scratched out journal snippets, and grainy photographs of drug use.

Antoine D'agata . New York 1989-93

Publisher Andre Frere Editions

68 , ills bw, 14 x 18 cm, leporello, French/English

ISBN 9791092265514

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