New Era . José Luis Cuevas



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New Era evokes a time of spiritual darkness in which man finds himself, as in a prophecy, facing a plague of horror and despair. The series it contains, full of symbolic resources, uses a narrative line that suggests the end of humanity from an apocalyptic approach, and then launches us into an ellipse towards a futuristic epilogue, or, in flash back towards the origins, there is no way of knowing.

Characters that denote evil or suffering, mystical objects, rarefied situations and landscapes in ashes, under a montage that advances on the concepts of atonement, purification and rebirth, and from a circle scenario in which the opposites - good and evil, finite and infinite - flow in eternal struggle, destroying and renewing. All this, in the face of a hypothetical rebirth of man, whose previous outcome suggests an obvious metaphor that points to the general malaise of a spiritually weak society in the face of its own evil and fears.

New Era

José Luis Cuevas

BBVA Bancomer Foundation + Fundación Televisa + RM

Hard paste

152 pages

73 pictures

22 x 32 cm

Design: José Luis Lugo (Galera)

Bilingual edition


Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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