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Each copy is unique, made of randomly stacked sheets printed only on the recto and coming with a unique and extra overs sheet bonus (overprint) hidden somewhere in the flow.

This book started with an artist residency in Mulhouse, in October 2015, as part of the Mulhouse Biennial of Photography 2016.

It is now the intuitive and flooded river of my working process, with images from a variety of sources (and periods) : c-prints, collages, installations views, photocopies, pages from my Revisited Cuban book,...

This random book is printed on glossy magazine paper, resulting in a sprawling and flexible publication that is not just documenting a working process, but also becomes part of it, as an experimental "anti-catalogue" reflecting the same energy as Anti-poetry.

With support of Mulhouse Art Contemporain

Vincent Delbrouck . Catalogue

Photographs and collages : Vincent Delbrouck (V.D.) 

Editing and Design : V.D. and Philippe Koeune 

free softcover with flaps 

red linen binding tape 

21 x 29,7 cm (8,27 x 11,69“) 

248 pages / 116 illustrations / full color 

Offset printing on glossy 135g paper 

Edition of 480 unique copies + 30 unique collector’s copies

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