White Fence Caja . Graciela Iturbide



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Graciela Iturbide, Mexican photographer, is known for her exceptional career in documentary and fine art photography. With a poetic and profound approach, she skillfully captures the essence of Mexican life and culture.

Through Alfonso Morales' compelling narration, we delve into Graciela Iturbide's fascination with capturing the life of the Latino street gang "White Fence" in the Eastside of Los Angeles. She explores the complexities of this community, offering a powerful reflection on identity and migration.

"White Fence" offers an unprecedented visual journey through Graciela Iturbide's travels, showcasing previously unpublished images recovered from her archive, accompanied by iconography and documents that will help to better understand her story and expand our knowledge.

White Fence Caja . Graciela Iturbide

MODEL: 9788419233684
Design: José Luis Lugo
Box with 2 volumes in hardcover case.
Book 1 (hard cover):
146 pages
96 images
Book 2 (paperback):
48 pages
36 images

25 x 33 cm / 9.75 x 13 in.
Language: ESP or ING
Year of publication: 2024

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