Yami No Hikari


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Between 1831 and 1833 the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai created the well-known series "36 Views of Mount Fuji", the most revered sacred mountain by the Japanese, a volcano that has been dormant since 1708.


Almost two centuries later, Salvador Sàez takes a time-worn everyday object, the porcelain bowl he uses for breakfast every day, as a vehicle to capture a collection of 36 (+1) images that bring us closer to the beauty of "Uabi-sabi", or how to perceive the extraordinary in something that might otherwise be considered banal. The continuous transformations that take place in the light reflected inside the bowl, as if it were the magma of the volcano, generate unique and unrepeatable images because, as in nature, the possibilities are infinite and what happens at a certain moment we will never see it in the same way again, a fact that evokes the "Mono no aware" or praise of the ephemeral.


The images in the book are accompanied by six haikus written by Salvador himself, like windows into the soul of the moments captured.


"Yami No Hikari" (light in the shadow), combines aesthetic and spiritual concepts, taking as a reference the theory of "Yin" and "Yang", two opposing forces that complement each other. The author underlines the importance of reflecting on our own inner transformation when we embrace such duality and find harmony in opposites, inviting us to contemplate existence as an emotional dance of light and shadow. A gift for the soul, an unrepeatable visual poem, for in the ephemeral nature of each instant lies its own unique beauty.


The last photographs of the series were taken in the Holy Cave of the sacred mountain of Montserrat, thus enhancing the spiritual dimension of this singular visual exploration.

Yami No Hikari

First edition: 500 copies
Photographs and haikus: Salvador Sàez
Text: Enric Blanes
Edition: Alex Llovet
Design: Kentaro Terajima
Pre-press: Eugeni Gay
17 x 24 cm
37 photographs and 6 haikus
All texts in Spanish, Catalan and English
96 pages
Printing: Artefacto (Bilbao)
Japanese binding and printing with silver ink on black paper.
Publication date: spring 2024

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