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Ros Boisier has spent the last few years building an enigmatic photobook through the estrangement and deconstruction of the natural and urban landscape.

There are books that question us and books that accompany us, and there are books that achieve both, like this one. "Inside" is made up of images that can be looked at for a long time without becoming exhausted, without being completely deciphered. Images of slow time, static and ecstatic, before which one hesitates between seeing them or inhabiting them.

"The photographs in 'Inside' are inhabited by a crack that gives them a deep spiritual dimension". Alejandro León Cannock

"Ros Boisier has achieved in 'Inside' the closest thing in photography to being spoken to in a low voice. What she wants to tell you in this photobook is chillingly close to silence". Rubén Ángel Arias

Reserve your exclusive copy with the photo as a gift. Shipments from 4 March. The images in the gallery are of a model, not of the book.

Inside . Ros Boisier

Ilustración de portada: Carol Caicedo
Edición: Ros Boisier y Leo Simoes
Dirección de arte: Muga
Pre-impresión: Eugeni Gay
16 x 23,5 cm
56 fotografías
80 páginas
Impreso en tritono
Encuadernación rústica con tapa dura
Copublicado por Ediciones Posibles y Muga

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