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The starting point of El recinto circular is my fascination with the capacity of our mind to generate images without conscious or rational intervention, especially when we meditate, get distracted, become absorbed, or in a state of sleep; and the residual relationship that those images may have with reality.

I set out to represent the idiosyncrasies of these unconscious thoughts and visions through the use of the particular codes with which they operate: fragmentation, repetition, the loop, time jumps, images as echoes of other images, stairs that lead nowhere, landscapes as mental places and elements that disappear and appear transformed into something else. The resulting series - made up of photographs I took in Iceland, photographs I have taken in the last few years and images found in antique shops - shows how not only those visions or unconscious mental processes can alter the inherent meaning of an image or element through symbols, but also the photographic edition itself; that dialogue that is established between different images.

In a way, it is the purpose of translating a somewhat intangible experience into images, constantly keeping in mind that mental state in which seeing and not seeing or thinking and not thinking becomes uncontrollable; in which we want to see something, but it escapes us, or is blurred, or is hidden; or in which we want to stop seeing something, and it appears to us again and again.

The reference with which I articulate the project through the title is a story written by Jorge Luis Borges in 1940, The Circular Ruins, where a man arrives at some ruins in the jungle -the circular enclosure- with the supernatural purpose of creating another man in dreams. A magical project for which he only had to sleep and dream, and which concludes with the realization that he was also a man in the dream of another man who dreamed him.

As in Borges' story, this overlapping that speaks of reality within the dream and the dream within another dream is the sensation on which my work gravitates, a series of images where time has somehow been suspended. Without a possible narrative, what remains is the confusing sensation that what we see seems not to be real, but unconscious. The images thus function as sediments without a spatial or temporal connection that, dragged by a river, end up finding themselves in another place or accumulating in a crevice.

Recinto Circular . Laura San Segundo

Fotolibro40 Comunidad de Madrid 2023 award

Publication / Book
Project Coordination Photobook 40  Jesús Micó
Edición / Publisher Dirección General de Promoción Cultural / Dispara
Coordinación Comunidad de Madrid / Madrid Regional Government Coordination
Madrid Regional Government Coordination / Alicia Nieto Fernández
Texto / Text Thursday, the weather and the dream. / Eduardo Brito
Translation / Translations / Blanca Martín-Calero (PT/ES) Sara Veiga (PT/EN)
Design / Graphic Design / underbau
Preimpresion / Pre-press / Eduardo Nave
Printing / Printing / Artes Gráficas Palermo
Encuadernación / Binding / Méndez

The typography used in this book is
Simoncini Garamond and it has been printed on
Munken Pure and Wibalin Natural Ruby (endpapers).
The typeface used in this book are Simoncini
Garamod and it has been printed on
Munken Pure paper and Wibalin Natural Ruby (endpapers).

128 pages
16,5 X 22 CM
700 Copies
Cloth-covered hardcover + stamping
ISBN (Community of Madrid)
ISBN (Dispara) 978-84-942245-6-0
DL PO 500-2023

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