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"Ánima" has something of magic but also of tragedy. The rhythm and the narrative take us from the almost unknown to make death visible. It is a rounded work, very fine and that stirs us... (Semíramis González)

 This photobook is composed of two large photographic series made up of 41 images whose thematic axis is the analogy between the tradition of the pig slaughter and its parallelism with the magical belief of the "Santa Compaña". Through this work, the author proposes an encounter between some notions related to superstition and Galician customs in order to draw a new imaginary where a new relationship between our folklore and a non-anthropocentric humanism, respectful of the dignity and rights of animals, is possible. As in her previous publications (Bestiae and El 2%), the artistic practice of Ruth Montiel Arias goes hand in hand with activism in defense of animal rights and the environment. As in her previous works, Ánima combines a powerful visual poetics with a singular documentary vocation, in search of the interest and reflection of the audience through a very visually articulated exhortative discourse that seeks the transformation of any person who approaches its pages. As the artist herself explains when addressing her themes, she is interested in "our relationship with the natural space and its consequences, both those that affect individuals and the space itself from the political, social, symbolic and even generational spheres".

In this sense, Ánima deepens our relationship with animals and investigates visually how our beliefs are also an instrument of exploitation over them. This artistic work thus focuses on the notion of tradition and how it legitimizes questionable acts, not only on the part of a growing part of society, but also of some of the people directly involved in this activity, who are no longer resigned to maintaining the secular mandate of slaughter; as the author herself was able to verify during the realization of this photographic project.

Susana Monsó, philosopher and co-founder of the Asociación Filosofía de la Mente y el Comportamiento Animal and member of METIS and SWIP-Analytic Spain, collaborates in Ánima with a text as an epilogue where, together with Ruth Montiel Arias, she closes the circle of necessary questions raised by this publication.

Ánima . Ruth Montiel Arias

Print run of 250 copies.
Sizes: 270 mm x 200 mm.
80 pages photobook.
16 page text publication.
Natural Rough Sand Paper 120 gr.
80 gr. PopSet dust jacket.
Hardback binding sewn with visible thread.
Edition: X. Lois Gutiérrez Faílde and Ruth Montiel Arias
Texts: Susana Monsó and Ruth Montiel Arias
Translation: Carme García Conde and Annie Ornelles
Design: Ruth Montiel Arias.
Printing: Agencia Gráfica & Imprenta Galicia 1932.
Language: Galician, Spanish, English.
First edition published by Alauda Negra in Galicia, 2023.

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