THE BOSS IS HERE . Rafael Arocha



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Subjugated corporeality is integrated into the structures of control established by hierarchical economic systems such as the capitalist one. They are bodies that manifestly harbour the coercive power exercised from the ostentation of a dominant position. THE BOSS IS HERE is an obsessive study of bodily expression that shows how human relations are organised in systems of control based on submission, the appearance of which is not always visible. Structures, such as that of the book itself, which, from a certain invisibility, use their capacity for power and control to condition our patterns of behaviour.

THE BOSS IS HERE . Rafael Arocha


The book is detachable and each cover is unique and handmade.

Margullo Books, Dec 2022
First edition, 350 copies (Signed and numbered)
ISBN 978-84-09-43405-3
Size: 170 x 240 mm
Pages: 196
Desing: Kentaro Terajima
Printing: Agpograf

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