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When the photographer Patrícia Almeida died in November 2017, she left unfinished a book project about her "Personal History of Photography". Months before, she had started gathering documents: examples she gave to her students, obsolete manuals bought second-hand, her first photographs. On the day of his death, the funeral director's representative asked for a portrait for the wake. Which photo to choose? Which person to show? How to summarize, reduce and concentrate a person in a single image? Patrícia's Book relates the search for this impossible image and revisits the photographer's unfinished project by confronting the production of photographs with the creation of identities, of memories, of ghosts.

O Livro da Patrícia / Le Livre de Patrícia

Author: David-Alexandre Guéniot
Photographs: Various Authors
Design: Léo Favier
Format: 130 x 180 mm, 304 pp.
Edition: 500 copies (English) / 600 copies (French)
Language: Portuguese/French

ISBN (Portuguese Version): 978-989-54422-6-3
ISBN (French Version): 978-284-31407-6-1

September 2022 (1st Edition)
January 2023 (2nd Edition)

The French version is a co-edition with Éditions LOCO, Paris.

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