Tiempo Cero . David Jiménez


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Tiempo cero is a book that proposes a singular alliance between the sequence of stills from an audiovisual produced by David Jiménez and a chapter from the novel Lo demás es aire by Juan Gómez Bárcena, which here adopts a sort of versified form. Within a game of seemingly random permutations, the subtle combination of these images illuminates hidden resonances and symmetries. The selected fragment of the Cantabrian writer's work establishes a singular dialogue with the images, and from a geological perspective confronts the very human impossibility of conceiving the passage of time.

Tiempo Cero . David Jiménez
Disponible en Castellano y catalán

Infinito Books, 2022
Con la colaboración de Biblioteques de Barcelona dentro del proyecto Fotointerpretacions.
16x10,5 cm, 160 pág
ISBN 978-84-948542-2-4 (castellano)
ISBN 978-84-948542-3-1 (catalá)

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