Fiat Panda and the Shadows . Sebastian Rogowski


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Fiat Panda and the Shadows is a personal tribute to the my most treasured activities — exploration and documentation.

After 2 pandemic years of lockdowns and quarantines, after postponing photographic trips and projects in Sicily, I rediscovered my sheer joy of taking pictures.

Burned by the southern sun, the urban landscape became a photographic playground. During the hot siesta hours, the streets were empty, the cars were parked — there were only cityscapes and nature peeking out from dusty corners. The only portrait in the book is of Beata, my partner who shared 2 years of a limited pandemic reality with me.

87 photos are involuntary witnesses to the post-pandemic world, somewhat desolate, and at the same time enabling rediscovery and rebirth. The book is composed of diptychs — each set shares patterns, details or moods. When a world slows down, the photographer has to look closer and pay more attention to what the world’s scenography has to offer.

Fiat Panda and the Shadows . Sebastian Rogowski


Photographs © Sebastian Rogowski

Edit and sequencing: Sebastian Rogowski

Book design © Sebastian Rogowski

Book cover: Beata Giermasińska and Sebastian Rogowski

Printing and binding: Enaf, Warszawa

201x246 mm, 96 pages, 88 photographs


First edition

Warszawa, 2022

ISBN: 978-83-956763-1-4

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