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Every year, during the summer months, men and women from some areas of the Galician countryside go up to the mountains to groom and care for the horses that are living in the wild (disinfection, mane cutting, branding of foals and sale of animals). This encounter between man and animal is what will be documented in this visual essay.

Raza wants to delve into the social reality of rural Galicia in order to reflect on other more universal concepts. It is focused on the relationship that humans have with animals and nature, in this case with horses and with himself, in order to talk about more general things: the way of life, memory, the solitude of the individual, the territory and its transformation.

The aim is to construct a story made up of images with a certain enigma, hybridised with other more abstract photographs, of bodies and textures that aim to transport the spectator to a parallel dimension.

After more than a decade in the mountains of Galicia in search of images, one ends up staying with the process, the photographs are no longer important, the important thing is the time and space travelled.

I am not interested in capturing a concrete reality, I try to use photography as a means to explore man’s relationship with the environment, in Raza I want the images to work as unknowns within the story, archetypal, in order to make it unclear what is happening, to suggest and not to tell, I go in search of the invisible, inviting the viewer to an alternative experience.  I try to make a work that acquires a universal, more abstract dimension, that talks about humanity, but I think that in the end it is inevitable to end up talking about oneself.

RAZA . Tono Arias

Signed+ print sice 21x31 museum paper

Eloi Gimeno Photobook award 2022
Print run: 500 copies
109 plates
Format: 24x30cm
Cover: Hardback + dry stamping.
Inside: 160 pages
Paper: Munken Lynx Roug 150grs. / 90 grs.
Printing: 4/4 inks offset four-colour process
Binding: Hardback


RRP: 95 €.

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