Frontera . Ernesto Valverde


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A tree uprooted, a horizon speckled with birds frozen in the sky like spatters of black ink in an etching; the hands of a faceless woman entangled like claws, displaying on her fingers an endless rosary of rings; a snowman, an oily pond, a crashed car turned to the sky like a defenceless tortoise, ... Valverde exhibits in his photographs the laurels of a true poet or a Roman general after the battle: widening with his shots the limits of his own territory, of the insufficient reality of the days, drawing with lights and shadows the line of a frontier perhaps dreamt of.

Border . Ernesto Valverde

140 pages
20.5 × 30.5 cm.
103 photographs
Design: Ramón Pez
Edited by: Ernesto Valverde and Ricky Dávila
Printing: Estudios Durero

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