La Naturaleza de las cosas . Chema Madoz


La Fábrica

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Chema Madoz works with the elements of nature in the same way he does with objects, seeking associations, displacements, metamorphoses, kinships, combinations, juxtapositions, fortuitous encounters. He is alien to the usual classifications, he overturns the rules and unfolds his fantasy, changing the nature of things.

He fuses the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms, giving rise to a kingdom of his own in which he transforms leaves, branches, water, clouds, wood, plants, flowers, stones... offering the most unexpected combinations. Madoz lives in a constant predisposition, always alert to the emergence of new images. There are no barriers to his imagination, nor do the possibilities of deepening his knowledge of things seem to be exhausted.

Chema Madoz was born in Madrid in 1958. He is currently one of the most recognised and interesting contemporary photographers on the national scene. He won the National Photography Prize in 2000.

A compendium of evocative and poetic images in which the artist investigates the forms of objects and their relationship with nature.

The Nature of Things . Chema Madoz

Pages 64
Images 45
Language Spanish / English
Format 21 x 32 cm
Publisher La Fábrica
Year of edition 2019

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