ciprian honey cathedral . Raymond Meeks . errata special edition



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Raymond Meeks is renowned for his handmade unique editions and in that vein has collaborated with MACK to produce an exquisite accompaniment to his new book ciprian honey cathedral. Alongside a signed and numbered first edition of the book will be a second book of pictures of his partner in the formidable process of clearing briar and entangled vines from her yard and garden, all made on Mothers’ Day, 2020. Titled errata and bound in linen, the 40 page book includes one of Meeks' signature transparency prints on acetate. Also included is a signed and numbered 10x8” silver gelatin contact print, a self portrait by Meeks’ partner Adrianna Ault, hand printed by the couple. All of these elements will be housed in a wooden frame box produced by Meeks, with assistance from Adrianna and her two daughters.

ciprian honey cathedral . Raymond Meeks . Edición especial errata

Limited Edition of 150 copies

- signed and numbered first edition of ciprian honey cathedral
- linen softcover [30 x 24cm] limited edition book errata, including a Meeks transparency print on acetate
- 10x8" self portrait of Adrianna Ault, numbered and signed by Ault & Meeks
- numbered wooden frame housing
- wrapped in glassine.

34 x 28 x 12 cm

ISBN 978-1-913620-01-1SE
September 2020

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