Tragédie, Coïncidence et La Double Vie de L.L.D.M


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“Tragédie, Coïncidence et La Double Vie de L.L.D.M” is the second chapter of the trilogy “Memories of Things Past”, a fiction-documentary project based on historical records that Zhen SHI started in 2015. She employs a 19-century Belgian family diary as its source, retracing a series of coincidences and a tragedy related to the diary that have taken place over the years. Combining text, image, correspondence, telephone record, archive and other media in its presentation, the book seeks to explore the complex relationship between reality and memory under the general proposition “Archive and Fiction” / “Private and Public” in the context of contemporary art.


Zhen SHI (b. 1989, Shandong, China) employs various media and a process that combined photography, book object and fiction-documentary story to construct a maze of narratology. Through her artificial manipulation on individuals' lived experiences and intervention in intellectual legacies such as literature, archival material, theatre and film, Shi's practice attempts to explore the complex relationship between reality and memory. In the self-referential environments that she constructs, Sisyphean, but poetic as well as cottony aspects of the concept of inner world are exposed. Shi's practice also seeks to develop a discourse on how time exists and disappears in a soundless way from its historical context continues to adapt to changing existence.

The artist has recently shown at OCAT Institute (Beijing), Lianzhou Foto Festival (Lianzhou), national museum OCAT (Shanghai/ Shenzhen), Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing), Fisheye Gallery (Arles), Festival La Gacilly (France), Festival Circulation(s) (Paris) etc. Zhen SHI was also the Prizewinner of Emerging Gallery in Festival Photo La Gacilly (2017), nominated for Huayu Youth Award (2019) and for Foam Paul Huf Award (2019).

Tragédie, Coïncidence et La Double Vie de L.L.D.M

Photographs and text: Zhen SHI
Art Derection: Zhen SHI
Design: 1 and 1/2 Studio
ISBN : 978-2-9564071-4-0
Publication date: September 2019

    Limited edition of 600 copies

    Softcover, 16 x 21 x 1.4 cm, 192 pages that contains a booklet

    Photographs in black & white and colors

    Published in English, French and Chinese mandarin

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