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In the series“Lost Souls” that Sun Yanchu begun in 2013, the subject, or object, can be loosely described as landscape, but it feels like much more. As through the evolution of “shanshui” painting in China, in his work, nature serves as metaphor or vehicle for conveying a state of mind. This may be the photographer’s state of mind, but equally that of his generation, the society in which he exists, or the general aura of the times.

On the basis of “Lost Souls”, the book “Even Us, Even Me” includes also a medley of “Obsessed” and Sun’s latest work of “Ficciones”, to make its strongest appeal through its underlying sense of confirming the existence of a world outside of ourselves. The quivering images draw us in. We feel the vibrations of elemental energy coursing through the panoramas, sweeping us along on its currents. We get lost in their motion, taken out of ourselves, while simultaneously recalling times when we have been out in the embrace of nature, bracing the wind and realizing how good, if hard at times, it is to be alive.


 Sun Yanchu, 1978 born in Zhou Kou, Henan Province, currently lives and works in Zhengzhou. Sun has recently shown at Musée de l'Élysée (Lausanne, Switzerland), M97 Ggallery (Shanghai, China), Star Gallery (Beijing, China), Art Basel Hong Kong and Three Shadows Art Centre (Beijing, China) etc. Sun Yanchu was also nominated for Jimei Arles Discovery Award in 2017, prizewinner of Gucang Dummy Award (Martin Parr Edition) in 2015, prizewinner of Lianzhou New Photography Award in 2011, and carried the MIO Photo Jurors Award of Morimura Yasumasa in 2010.

Even Us . Even Me



Photographs: Sun Yanchu
Design: Zhen SHI, Yinhe Cheng

ISBN : 978-2-9564071-2-6
Publication date: April 2019


    First edition


    Limited edition of 500 copies

    Soft cover with PVC jacket

    18,5 x 25,5 x 0,9 cm

    Photographs in black & white and colors

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