HOW TO BECOME NOTHING . The Legendary Tigerman and Rita Lino



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In 2016, musician Paulo Furtado aka The Legendary Tigerman went on a road trip through the Californian desert. He wanted to disappear, become nothing, be nothing. The journey was documented by filmmaker Pedro Maia and photographer Rita Lino. The joining of these three visions already produced Maia´s Super-8 film Fade into Nothing starring Tigerman.

How to Become Nothing is a limited edition 12” LP featuring original songs and a 48 pages photography book by Rita Lino.


Slipcase with LP and photobook.

Limited to 300 copies


12'' LP Vinyl

All songs by Paulo Furtado aka The Legendary Tigerman

Side A: 20:35

01  Los Angeles, 05/05/2016

02  Dark is the Night

03  Rancho Dolores

04  Everything is Strangely Beautiful, and yet, Scary

05  Desert Girl

06  I Will Never Know Her Name

Side B: 23:27

01  Fade into Nothing

02  Everyday my Back Hurts

03  Hesperia

04  The Hilltop Inn & Suits

05  Victorville

06  The DDFD´S

07  A Little Black Tape Recorder

08  Zhe Dezzert is Pornographic 


HOW TO BECOME NOTHING by The Legendary Tigerman and Rita Lino (12'' LP + Book)

Book by Rita Lino

48 pages, 28x22cm

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