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In 2018, SUPER LABO Publishing House decided to print the book Yesterday's Sandwich, 1965-1980, part 2.
It is possible to say, that this book is a continuation or addition to the book with the same name and published by PHAIDON in 2007 (and reprinted by it in 2009).

It so happened, that I was lucky: I was able to “discover the method”, with which I was able to obtain images that formed the basis of these two books. This happened in the midle of 60s, when a color DIA film appeared. It was a new photo-technology for that time.

Inadvertently, placed one developed film on the other, I saw how the elementary images of each individual frame of one film, in compounded together with the other film. And these addition of two frames, had been givving me a complex and unusual images. Moving and changing combinations of frames, I was able to get a lot of images, from which I could do my choice. From the slides folded in this way, I did the “Yesterday’s Sandwich” series.

it is possible to say, that the similar images already have been existed in the photography, but they were obtained differently : by the double exposure printing. My method of the such work with DIA, allowed me to make everything easier and faster!

This series, I think, conveyed a kind of generalizing, metaphorical and unique picture of our life and reflected, as it were, the call of sensory perception of life, which could be possible to call as a "soviet romanticism."

I think, this series corresponded to the worldview of the soviet man of the 60-70s, who began to realize the duality of soviet life and who began to realize its life in the duality atmosphere, and all of these corresponded to the beginning of changes in society, the beginning of its democratization.

Khrushchev’s exosed of the problems gave the new worldview and the other possibility of the filming :to take the photographs of "the bare truth" (... with the more freedom, which came, became possible to bare the social problems and to take pictures of the bare human body...).

And some more, this is a very important series for me, after which I felt like a photographer.

Yesterday’s Sandwich II . Boris Mikhailov

 w16.95 x h24.6 cm
104 Pages
90 Images(color)
Hard cover
Full color Offset
Limited edition of 1000
Published in 2019
ISBN 978-4-908512-69-8

Slipcase Edition: Limited edition of 100+10APs
Comes in a slipcase, Signed and Numbered certificate is attached.
Published in 2019

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