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What was once called fashion photography finds itself nowadays positioned along a much broader spectrum of intentions and visual cues. Photographers are borrowing from the aesthetics of fashion, moving away from creating glamorous ideals towards telling stories of social and political inclusivity, diversity, identity, everyday life and an ever changing panorama of lifestyles.

In this issue of Foam Magazine, we present the portfolios of 16 photographers, artists and collectives, each adopting distinct and empowering approaches to contemporary fashion photography. We’ve also had the chance to include a number of insightful and inspiring interviews with people from the fashion photography field. Alongside this, we feature a long form interview between curator Zoé Whitley and fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner, discussing fashion and identity. Furthermore, we are pleased to share an interview between Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director of the Serpentine Galleries, and Tyler Mitchell. They covered optimism, utopias, and how photography can be a way of achieving the impossible. Running throughout are interventions by invited fashion magazines sharing their editorial visions.

Foam Magazine #53: Adorned, The Fashionable Issue

EAN 8710966455234-00053

ISSN 1570-4874

288 pages

Printed on selected specialised paper 

300x230x23 mm

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