Do you sea? . Selen Botto



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A house facing the sea has been my mother’s greatest wish throughout her life. With a certain resignation she reminded it to my sister and me this year, the year of her retirement, while in the car on the way to eat at a beach bar on a sunny winter Sunday. Minutes later, while I was enjoying a toasted beer on the terrace, mesmerised by the continuous swaying of the waves, I received an e-mail from my friend Selen Botto, who was sending me a series of data I had asked her in order to write a text about her project Do you sea?:


“Every year 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans. Plastics have been introduced in an aggressive way into the food chain of living beings, altering their life cycle and directly affecting the ecosystem. In the Mediterranean, plastic accounts for 95% of the waste found both on the seabed and on the beaches. A report points out that mass tourism and the very bad management of waste are mainly responsible for the dramatic situation that exists on our coasts. Microplastics that go directly into the sea are found mainly in cosmetic and personal hygiene products. The so-called macroplastics: bags, fishing nets or bottles, cause entanglement, malnutrition, suffocation or strangulation of mammals, seabirds or sessile fauna, such as corals. The largest concentration of trash ever recorded in deep water anywhere in the world is at the bottom of the Strait of Messina, which separates the island of Sicily from the region of Calabria, in mainland Italy. “


Unable to finish reading it, I had to leave suddenly to go to the toilet to vomit, with the same blush that a novice sailor would do on a stormy night on high seas. When I returned to the table I was dizzy, my mother noticed and asked me “son, are you okay?”, “Yes, mom” I replied. And I began to eat the plate of fish that I had ordered.

Jorge Alamar

Do you sea? . Selen Botto

año • 2022, octubre
fotografías • Selen Botto
diseño • Adrián Beltrán, Mati Martí
texto • Jorge Alamar
edición • primera, 400 copias
encuadernación • cosida a lomo visto, tapa blanda
páginas • 56 + portadas
tamaño • 17 x 24 cm
preimpresión • Estudio Paco Mora; impresión • Brizzolis, Arte en gráficas

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