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In this 88th issue of EXIT we deal, as if it were a double oxymoron, with the idea of "non-place", that terribly accurate, if voluble, concept with which Marc Augé would define something that many of us saw without knowing how to clearly delimit: "If a place can be defined as a place of identity, relational and historical, a space that can be defined neither as a space of identity nor as relational nor as historical, will define a non-place".

EXIT 88 No Places brings together the work of up to ten photographers who, from different perspectives, are representative of the theme. One of the main dossiers is that of the photographer Bransilav Kropilak, whose career includes multiple series that allow us to define the concept of "non-place", such as Garages, Gas Pumps or Lobbies; continuing in the world of petrol stations, this time abandoned, we find the work of the Catalan photographer Xavier Aragonès. Airports, as a great non-place, whose basic function is linked to the transit of people, is amply reflected in the work of Peter Fischli and David Weiss. There is also a place for trains, especially through stations, in the work of Benjamin Price and the Polish artist Wojciech Karlinski. Raúl Belinchón's work takes us to the underground, to the underground tunnels of different cities around the world. A more conceptual or narrative dimension can be found in the work of Xavier Ribas, with his series Domingos, centred on the peripheries and his series Umbrales on the entrance doors of different banks; in that of Lynne Cohen, on the political dimension of the non-place that is presented from neutrality; that of Lukas Korschan, with an approach closer to the "common place"; or that of Nigel Shafran, whose supermarket stairs and tapes are also linked to questions of class or social custom. The aforementioned dossiers are preceded by a central text which, on this occasion, is a story by the writer Jorge de Cascante, a sort of short story in letter format that subtly evokes images linked to non-place.

In Portfolio, the section in which we give space to the most interesting photographers of the new generations, we present Juan Brenner, Marcus DeSieno, Syjuco Stephanie, Andrea Torres Balaguer and Sander Vos.

EXIT 88 . No lugares

Rosa Olivares. Of Places, Walks, Memories and Ruins
Jorge de Cascante. The spiropope
Artists central theme
Xavier Aragonès, Raúl Belinchón, Lynne Cohen, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Wojciech Karlinski, Lukas Korschan, Branislav Kropilak, Benajmin Price, Xavier Ribas, and Nigel Shafran
Portfolio artists
Juan Brenner, Marcus DeSieno, Syjuco Stephanie, Andrea Torres Balaguer and Sander Vos

EXIT #88 - No places
Publisher Producciones de Arte y Pensamiento, S.L.
Year October / 2022
Language Spanish / English
Pages 144
Binding Paperback with cover
ISSN 1577-2721
ISBN 9771577272008-88

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