Eloi Gimeno, Bienvenidos al infierno


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Hellsinki is Eloi Gimeno's first book and marks the beginning of his career as an author. It is a work self-published in 2010, in which he himself assumes in an integral and very personal way all the arts and functions linked to the process of creation and production of his work, from photography and design to the tasks of printing and distribution. Hellsinki is a way of understanding Eloi Gimeno, but it is also a fundamental work for telling the recent history of the photobook in Spain.

Eloi Gimeno, Bienvenidos al infierno

EAN13: 9788409309436
ISBN: 978-84-09-30943-6

A tribute book to Eloi Gimeno, published by Friends of Eloi Gimeno to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the publication of his first work, Hellsinki.

Language Spanish
Publisher Friends of Eloi Gimeno
Year of publication 2022
ISBN 978-84-09-30943-6

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