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Eloi Gimeno Prize Jury

It seems like yesterday, but LIBRO is now eight years old, a modest manifesto that is also a reckoning with the creative explosion of Spanish photobooks, which time maintains and confirms in festive gatherings such as this Arts Libris.

Eloi Gimeno writes in LIBRO that photobooks are a cocktail of space, time and rhythm. A high-flying combination, capable of becoming music in the hands of certain waiters.

Raza is a stupendous example. Tono Arias has dedicated many days since 2006 to an appointment in the Galician mountains where the sun sometimes shines through the rain. Raza is going to be a classic, it has everything. Its space, green and blue, is populated with all the shades of skin and sweat, which splashes white, red and yellow admirable. Time is dilated and animated in an endless number of details where the portraits dominate the landscape. Then it slowly fades away, like a distant echo, as it is running out. The rhythm is calm at times and energetic, to the point of paroxysm, at others. Tono has stopped to think, but he has also danced like a madman.

Eloi Gimeno comments in LIBRO that it is convenient, not to say obligatory, to work with improvisation, disharmony, mistakes and imperfections. He also advises learning from setbacks.

Graffiti is like that. Antonio Xoubanova has plunged headlong into this apotheosis of narcissism that covers almost every wall on the planet. The signatures and nicknames are presented in fragments that become illegible, pure incoherent abstraction mixed with other details of the urban experience in which the complete Pantoné is just a little less visible. Antonio lets himself be carried away by intuition, abducted by the whims of the least clear lines and the most disformed chromatic ranges. Graffiti is pure experimentation, an exercise of will that messes up chaos and leaves the reader in peace, a book as unreadable as its subject.

Perhaps they are two contradictory books. Certainly, they are very different. And there is no doubt that both are more than good. To say which of them is the best is as complicated as choosing between mum and dad.

Giving the first Eloi Gimeno prize to two such different books could be considered a blunder, but we suspect that it is quite possible that our unforgettable friend was right. After all, he also tamed typefaces and played with sequences without fear of stumbling and played with tradition and experimentation as only the masters know how.


Co-published with RVB
304 pages
383 images in color
14,3 cm x 21,5 cm
Offset printing
Total edition of 1500 copies
Collector’s edition of 50 copies
Designed by David Mozzetta
Printed in Venice, Italy
Published in September 2021
ISBN 978-2-492175-04-6

RAZA . Tono Arias

Firmado y numerado
Premio Eloi Gimeno de fotolibro 2022
Seleccionado para exposición Athens photobook festival 2022
Tirada: 500 ejemplares
109 fotografías
Formato: 24x30cm
Cubierta: Tapa dura + golpe en seco.
Interior: 160 páginas
Papel: Munken Lynx Roug  150grs. / Coral book 90 grs.
Impresión: cuatricomía 4/4 tintas offset
Encuadernación: Tapa dura cosida. Lomo redondeado.

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