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"Uncharted+" continues to carry the dystopian character of Wang Juyan’s work. As indicated in the title, the book features a series of uncharted landscapes, by their physical existence or by digital collages, from Wang’s project 2084, 2085 and 2086. Somehow,seeing from above, the perspective always seems dwelling with power. "Uncharted+" is inspired from the ambiguity of power of aerial images, which contains no liner narrative but monumental and metaphorical landscapes.

Born in Beijing, Wang Juyan is an image artist currently based in London. Wang earned his BA in London College of Communication and has exhibited widely between China and Europe, including Foam Museum (Amsterdam), Beaconsfield Gallery (London), Base Milano (Milan), Singapore International Photography Festival (Singapore) etc. and was selected as Foam Talent in 2017. The unique visual language of Wang’s work heightens the ambiguities and the historical sublime in his large-scale landscape.



Photographs: Wang Juyan
Design: Zhen SHI, Yinhe Cheng

ISBN : 978-2-9564071-3-3
Publication date: May 2019


    Limited edition of 500 copies

    Hardcover in silver print

    31 x 19 x 2 cm

    Contains 5 multi-layered booklets in form of byobu

    Photographs in black & white

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