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Made over the course of 10 years, ‘Oyster’ is a visual diary compiled by Marzocchi as clues to understand his absent parents. At times bordering on frustration and violence, his images express his search for a ‘culprit’, a cause for his dysfunctional childhood environment. Using archival and original imagery, the artist ransacks the past to build a presence in a process of forgiving and letting go, as a quest to find love and healing.

Marzocchi had reevaluate his whole family history from the point of view of an adult. And close a circle. Like an Ouroboros.


“This work represents my experience in recovering and understanding my parents, their life and their relationship with me. I never knew them well because they split when I was 6 years old, and they both died young. Drugs, addictions, jail and dysfunctional environment, these were constant elements. This work is focused on dealing with and replacing all the doubts and fears that I had. Exorcising the pain and searching for love.”

Marco Marzocchi



The "Ouroboros" is an important symbol to Marco and his work. It relates to evolution. To being reborn. The influence of his parents on his life and how it reflects back to the way he views his parents. To Marzocchi, everything is connected.

The symbol guided many of the design concepts presented in ‘Oyster’. every book connects to each other. There are 480 different covers. Every snake is a cover of a book and the back cover of the next. Turning the 480 books into a singular piece.

‘Oyster’ is a 84 page Leporello book. This form allows the reader to have a free and non linear read of the publication. It allows a circular reading. Again, an Ouroboros.


Marco Marzocchi's photography is the search for people, atmospheres and places of the past that mix with the present in order to define it and make sense of it. It is beauty in everyday simplicity and in those small details that hide joy, fear, or pain, elements that combine like in a poem.

His work alternates impulsiveness and rationality, both in shooting and editing. But nothing is casual. Everything is traced back to a narrative that is both introspective and open to the outside world.

A succession of questions and answers and yet more questions, to give meaning to deep dynamics, to facts from the past, to love, to photography itself.


OYSTER . Marco Marzocchi



13,8 x 16,2 cm

84 Pages

500 numbered copies

Pearled softcover

Leporello book

500 unique covers available

Books will be sent following an order decided by Void’s team

Please, understand it is impossible to choose number or cover artwork.

ISBN 978-618-84341-0-3

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